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NEC Launches Vukunet Signage Platform

PRO AV News Service - This week commercial LCD display and projector provider NEC Display Solutions of America unveiled Vukunet the company's innovative web platform for digital out-of-home (DOOH) networks. According to the company, Vukunet solves the main issues facing digital signage network owners, as well as advertisers, by providing a centralized, automated platform designed specifically to connect and distribute ads across DOOH networks.

"Digital place-based media has proven itself to be a very powerful and effective advertising medium, yet it is still under-utilized because it has always been impossible for agencies and advertisers to connect all networks and purchase effectively," said Pierre Richer, president and COO of NEC Display Solutions, in a statement. "We created Vukunet to address all the issues in this space, allowing network owners to realize the full value of their investments in equipment, service, and real estate."

According to NEC, Vukunet helps digital signage network owners generate incremental income by making it easier to connect all screens that currently have advertising time/space available on their networks. Ideal candidates are networks that have locations with heavy foot traffic, substantial dwell time (time spent in front of the screen), strategic monitor placement, numerous locations in key demographic areas, and that can run a variety of ads from different advertisers instead of being focused on one brand, says the company. Retail stores, hotels, airports, rail and bus terminals, universities, hospitals, convention centers, stadiums, museums, and restaurants are examples of fitting locations.

Vukunet is the only platform offered by NEC that connects all digital signage networks. Advertisers and agencies that formerly had to contact several potential network owners to determine rates and availability can now use the companion Advuku ad-serving platform to search for networks in any location, according to NEC. Additionally, the technology includes proof-of-performance capability that enables networks to receive a consolidated payment on a monthly basis for all the advertising that ran.

The Vukunet platform's ads can be distributed to screens made by any manufacturer-not just NEC-and networks that are using any CMS, says the company. There is no charge to become a member of Vukunet. The package consists of Vukunet Ad Manager, which enables networks to run ads on their screens; and an optional Vukunet CMS, which is a SaaS CMS available for free to Vukunet Ad Manager participants as well as NEC Display hardware customers.

"By centralizing the entire process, we've made it easier to fulfill the potential place-based media holds within the advertising world," said Richer in a statement.
Published Thursday, November 12, 2009 2:54 PM by jcole
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