Drone Presentations and Flight Demos at CEDIA 2015 in Stampede and UVU’s Drone Pavilion

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Drones take flight at CEDIA 2015, show off their potential to integrators

Stampede and Unmanned Vehicle University Drone Pavilion at CEDIA 2015

Pro A/V distributor Stampede is teaming up withUnmanned Vehicle University (UVU), an accredited drone school, to provide drone presentations and flight demos this week at CEDIA 2015.

The partners are setting up shop in the “Drone Pavilion,” located at Booth 8207 of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, and will hold UVU training sessions in Ballroom G-Omni.

“The ‘Drone Revolution’ has officially spread to the commercial pro A/V channel, and integrators in every vertical market are benefiting from ‘AV in the Sky,’” said Stampede president/COO Kevin Kelly.

Industry projections suggest that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will be used by over 40 percent of all businesses over the next five years, Kelly noted, and that by 2024 the commercial drone market will grow to represent 12 percent of a total $98 billion market.

The live drone demos will be conducted inside the Pavilion’s enclosed “flying cage” by manufacturers DJI, xFold, Vision Aerial, X-Craft, AEE, Panoptes (Sense and Avoid), and VideoBank (Live Data Tagging.)

Stampede Drone Pavilion at CEDIA 2015In addition, nine presentations will be held throughout the show’s three days, including An Introduction to Drone Video Systems; FLIR Presentation/ Demo; Vidyo – Video Conferencing with Drones; Deploying Drones; Extended Warranties: Protecting Your Drone Investment; Drone Management: Virtual Air Boss; The FAA & Commercial Use of Drones; Keeping Track of Your Drone; and Fixed Wing Drones: Products and Applications.

For attendees looking for even deeper insight into drone applications within a specific vertical market, UVU is offering nine hour-long training sessions covering such topics as Large Property Surveillance; Oil, Gas, & Energy Industry Applications; 3D Mapping with Drones; Law Enforcement/ Security/Public Safety; Large Sporting Event and Entertainment Event Coverage; The Drone/Unmanned Systems Business Opportunity for the CI Integrators; Cellular, Telecommunications, & Wireless Video Support; Transmission from Aerial Platforms to the Operations Center; and Ranching & Livestock Asset Tracking and Management.

“These 25-plus presentations, demos, and training sessions will equip the commercial and residential CI integrators and dealers, in virtually every virtual market, with the foundational knowledge required to take advantage of this multi-billion dollar opportunity,” Kelly said.

A complete schedule of Drone Pavilion training sessions, demos and presentations is available here.