Stampede Introduces xFold Ultra-Professional sUAV Aircraft

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Audio-visual company Stampede has announced the introduction of xFold, which the company says is “the strongest and most advanced multi-rotor sUAV drone platforms ever developed for top level aerial work in film and television production.”

According to Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly, three specific xFold drones are being unveiled at the show. “The xFold line of multi-rotor sUAVs offers professionals involved in top level aerial work with a complete range of options across a broad price range,” Kelly said. “The xFold platform has been proven to be extremely reliable and effective in major motion pictures, television shows, and commercials, and now they are available to customers all across the country through our dealer network. It is completely appropriate to make this introduction at Unmanned Systems 2015 – the industry’s largest gathering of unmanned aerial vehicle professionals.”

“This introduction of the xFold line through Stampede joins together the world’s best multi-rotor sUAV platforms with the world’s best channel sales team in North America,” said TJ Diaz, President & CEO of xFold. “I believe that this partnership will help to bring the benefits of our technology to more commercial markets, faster.”

Stampede carries xFold drone video systems for epic aerial photography and videography

While xFold offers a complete line of multi-rotor sUAV platforms to choose from, Kelly said that Stampede would be focusing its efforts on marketing the company’s new line of full-featured ultra-professional RTF/ARF sUAV solutions for the commercial AP marketplace. The XFold Mapper is ideally designed for every type of surveying, inspection, and mapping application. The xFold Cinema, which features 3D scanners, is designed for high-end feature film and television production. The xFold Dragon is for real heavy lift and features dual RED EPIC for 3D, fully rigged ARRI ALEXA, heavy scanners (LIDAR), and several sensor options. Each frame can be configured as Quadcopter, Hexacopter, x8 Octocopter and x12.

The xFold line of sUAVs is so appropriate for the entertainment production industry because the core rig was designed by company co-founder Ziv Marom, an experienced sUAV pilot and cinematographer with years of experience in aerial video and cinematography for feature films that include Expendables 3, HomeFront, Sparks, documentaries, television and other applications.

According to Kelly, Stampede will be offering training programs in conjunction with both xFold and its strategic partner, Unmanned Vehicle University. “As is our policy at Stampede, we will be bringing a complete solution to market for our broadcast, and film & television customers that includes a wide selection of platform options, training, operator certification, and long-term support. The comprehensiveness of our offering is what always keeps Stampede ahead of the herd.”