Stampede’s Vendor Appreciation Event 2014

Profits Are Found in the Details
BIG BOOK OF AV TOUR stops in Minneapolis 9/23/2014


Nothing brings Stampede greater happiness in business than to thank the people who do the most to make our business successful — our valued vendor partners.  Without their fine products, professionalism, and commitment to success, our success wouldn’t be possible.  In a very real way, we succeed as an extension of their very highest goals and aspirations.

Once a year at Stampede, we take the time to express our thanks in a more concrete way at our Vendor Appreciation Event, an evening of fun, food, and entertainment that precedes a Big Book of AV Tour stop. In keeping with our corporate culture, this year we planned a true “Calgary Stampede” of an evening that included the Stampede Calgary GMC Chuck Wagon Races.

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