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ElevationLab BatteryPro for iPhone & Apple Watch


For iPhone & Apple Watch

Integrated MFi-certified Apple Watch Magnetic charger. Smart high-speed USB out. Designed to be comfortable to carry in your back pocket and when holding against the back of your phone (the outside dimensions are • close to an iPhone 7 for size reference). StowStrap flips to secure Apple Watch while charging, so you can charge in your bag or purse without issue. Provides over two weeks of Apple Watch charges, 3+ days of iPhone use with a 8000mAh battery.

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ElevationLab MagicGrips for Magic Mouse 1 & 2


For Magic Mouse 1 & 2

Makes Magic Mouse way more comfortable. Widens & relaxes your grip. Creates big concave surfaces to place your fingers. Great for all hand sizes, especially nice for medium & large hands. Fit’s Magic Mouse 1 & 2. Ambidextrous. Solid silicone rubber + removable 3M adhesive. Bonus: XL thumb grip included for an even wider grip.

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ElevationLab NightPad Wireless Charger for iPhone 8/X

NightPad Wireless Charger

for iPhone 8/X

No LEDs to light up your bedroom. Can charge iPhone at a 50% higher rate than standard Qi wireless chargers. Minimal design – A consistent soft matte finish over the entire body. Non contrasting logo. Cord inset into the body. Raised support ring on the very outside edge for maximum support. Premium 6ft braided cable. Supports true Apple fast charging. As an Apple MFi member, we have precise fixed frequency electronics that allow iPhone to accept up to 7.5W (many wireless chargers claim this, but max out at 3-5W).