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ElevationLab The Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Mount


Under-Desk Headphone Mount

Mounts easily. Holds ultra-strong (same adhesive GoPro uses). De-clutters your desk. Solid medical grade silicone with steel center core. Slightly flexible, won’t hurt if you bump it with your knee. Holds two sets of headphones.

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ElevationLab The Anchor Pro Under-Desk Headphone Mount

Anchor Pro

Under-Desk Headphone Mount

Holds all headphones, even the heaviest audiophile & gaming, with ease. Secures cords so they run taught under your desk, out of the way of your legs. Premium fiber reinforced composite construction (twice the strength of cast aluminum). Mounts in seconds with custom ultra-strong 3M adhesive.

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ElevationLab CordDock USB-C to USB-C for Android

CordDock USB-C to USB-C

For Android

The most convenient way to charge your Android phone at maximum speed. CordDock’s hybrid design combines the flexibility of a cord, the fast charging of a wired connection (2-3x faster as wireless), and the convenience of an upright dock – in ultra-compact form with a tiny footprint. Adjusts to fit cases up to 4mm thick (that’s most cases except very big ones like Otterbox). How it works: Pull up on your phone to undock one-handed. Or rotate forward to take the cord with you, so you can freely use your phone while still connected.

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ElevationLab CordDock V2 for iPhone

CordDock V2

For iPhone

A hybrid charger that combines the flexibility of a cord, the speed of a wired connection, and the benefits of a dock – in ultra-compact form. Directions: Pull up to undock one-handed like normal. Or rotate forward to take the cord with you! Tiny footprint (it’s the smallest dock for iPhone to our knowledge) so it takes up minimal space. Adjusts to fit cases up to 4mm thick (that’s most cases except big ones like Otterbox). Apple MFi certified with an Apple-made connector.

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ElevationLab DraftTable For iPad Pro


For iPad Pro

Engineered to be rock solid at all positions – so it doesn’t move when you draw on it. Extra wide angle adjustment range with easy to adjust spring-loaded legs. Great alone with native apps & when tethered to a Mac (with AstroPad or Duet Display). Folds thin for storage. The Pro Kit includes ArmRest to let you draw all day without fatigue & PencilStand which locks to your desk with our NanoPad underside so it can’t tip.

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ElevationLab ElevationDock 4 for iPhone

ElevationDock 4

For iPhone

• Compact, minimal design. It’s the first Apple MFi-certified dock to work one-handed. Ultra-precise adjustment to perfectly fit your iPhone & case up to 3mm. Deep 18° back angle with ±4° adjustment (really nice on a desk or bedside). Lightning connector flexes under high torque, so your phone won’t flop forward. Premium construction: Beautifully CNC-machined stainless steel knobs, weighted with zinc inserts, full medical-grade silicone overmolded body, premium braided cable.

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ElevationLab ElevationShelf Under-Desk Shelf Mount


Under-Desk Shelf Mount

Adds under-desk storage in seconds. Helps declutter your desk. Keeps item out of sight & easy to access. Holds securely with our premium 3M VHB adhesive. Wood screws also included for higher weight capacity and for unfinished surfaces that adhesive doesn’t work on. Premium fiber-reinforced construction. Includes an adhesive backed CordClip to secure/organize incoming cables, you can place it anywhere you like.

ElevationLab NightStand For Apple Watch

Night Stand

For Apple Watch

Night Stand™ makes daily charging a breeze. Just set your watch on, from out of the corner of your eye, no careful alignment required. Locks to your bedside table so you never have to hunt for the cord. Undocking is one-handed. Solid, soft, seamless construction. Low-profile, minimal design.

ElevationLab PencilStand for Apple Pencil

Pencil Stand

For Apple Pencil

Keeps your Pencil handy. 7° forward tilt makes Apple Pencil easy & natural to grab. Locks to your desk with air-suction so it can’t tip. Soft, premium medical-grade silicone construction + NanoPad underside.