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Mount Accessories

MantelMount RB100 Recess Box


Recess Box

This simple-to-install add-on accessory allows you to integrate MantelMount seamlessly into a custom-built wall opening. Easily fitting between standard or custom stud configurations, the RB100 provides the flushest TV-to-wall storage on the market by allowing the MantelMount center arm to now fold into the wall opening when the TV is in the raised position. The result is concealed mounting hardware and a 1.8 inch flush-to wall TV storage! (For Models MM700, MM540 and MM340).

MantelMount SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter


Single Stud Wall Adapter

Used in conjunction with the MM340 Standard Mount, the MM540 Enhanced Mount and the RB100 Recess Box, the SSB40 serves as a direct replacement for their included wall plate when it can’t reach your existing stud placement. Customers with a single stud centered in the intended mounting area can attach the SSB40 to your MantelMounts lifting arm the same as the wall plate, but the adapter has mounting hole configurations specifically for these single stud installations, as well as installations to large posts or beams (common with outdoor patio installations). Please view the Video Tab to see this accessory in action.

MantelMount PE40 Extended Wall Plates


Extended Wall Plates

The MantelMount PE40 Extended Wall Plates are a direct replacement for installations in which the wall studs are more than 16 inches apart. Our MM340 Standard Mount and MM540 Enhanced Mounts have wall plates designed for standard 16 inch on-center studs. However, sometimes the studs in the wall are further apart. The PE40 Extended Wall Plates attach to the lifting arm the same way the standard wall plate does, but they can reach studs that are up to 32 inches apart. The wall covers included with the MM540 will still attach to these extended wall plates. (For Models MM340 and MM540).

MantelMount WPC00 Wall Plate Covers


Wall Plate Covers

Used in conjunction with the MM340 Standard Mount, these MantelMount paintable covers hide the wall surface mounting hardware associated with the mounts wall plates. (2) hard covers – paintable to match your wall color. Adjustable to accommodate a wall plate mounted off center. Easily cut to run wiring through. Dimensions: 34″W x 12″H.

MantelMount SBXL Sound Bar Adapter XL


Sound Bar Adapter XL

The MantelMount SBXL Sound Bar Adapter accommodates more soundbars than the bracket that comes standard with the MM540, MM700, MM750 and MM855(coming soon) in that its compatible with wider and taller soundbars. It also accommodates those mounting their sound bar ABOVE the TV, where as the sound bar attachment included with the MM540, MM700 and MM750 only allows for sound bar placement beneath the TV. The MantelMount SBXL consists of two universal soundbar brackets that fit nearly all flat panel TVs and soundbar models.

MantelMount AB40 Horizontal Adapter


Horizontal Adapter

The AB40 Horizontal Adapter serves as a horizontal adapter for the MM340, MM540 and MM700 mounts, providing a 90-degree bridge between their wall plate and the TV mount lifting arm. This allows the wall plate to lay flat on a horizontal surface such as a large shelf or inside a recessed alcove. Another application for the AB40 Horizontal Adapter Bracket is as a pass-through support for the when mounting the MM340, MM540’and MM700 mounts to thin brick facades or simulated stone panels made from foam.

MantelMount RBE10 Recess Box Extenders


Recess Box Extenders

In an existing wall, sometimes a stud is in the way and needs to be cut to make room for the MantelMount RB100 Recess Box. The remaining studs in the wall might be too far apart for the Horizontal Braces (that come standard with each of our MantelMounts) to reach. Our MantelMount RBE10 Recess Box Extenders easily solve this problem because they reach up to 35 inches to align with the nearest studs in the wall for a very easy install. The covers that are included with the RB100 can still be used to cover the RBE10 Extenders, and painted to match the wall.

MantelMount SK50 Surface Install Kit


Surface Install Kit

The SK50 Surface Install Kit offers a more aesthetically pleasing appearance when your installation requires mounting an MM750 onto a wall instead of recessing within the wall. The SK50 Kit includes two (2) vanity panels that frame in the flanges for a flush, designer appearance. For a more aesthetically pleasing MM750 Pro Mount surface installation (2) 1mm steel panels. Black matte powder coating. Attaches to the MM750 with included (4) 8mm screws and (4) 8mm nuts. Panel Width 3.5”, Panel Height 3.1”, Panel Depth 2.25”.