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Lifts and Mounts

Draper Fly Cage

Fly Cage

Projector Fly Cage

Draper Fly Cage provides sturdy, dependable, mounting and stacking capabilities for projectors. Manufactured from 2” (5 cm) tubing, it easily attaches to cheeseborough clamps to provide a quick, secure mounting to truss. The Fly Cage allows multiple cages to be stacked for increased projector brightness or redundancy, and provides an adjustment mechanism for precise projector alignment.

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Draper Ropewalker


Screen Lift

By integrating a screen and lift together in one ceiling-recessed box, the Ropewalker eliminates the need for extra black drop between the screen and tall ceilings. The viewing surface unrolls from an inner case and the entire screen is lowered to “show” position by an outer case utilizing stainless steel aircraft cables.

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