Hiperwall ProAV and Retail Solutions



Video Wall Software

Hiperwall Overview

Hiperwall Overview

IP-Based Solutions

Hiperwall software powers the most cutting-edge video walls and distributed visualization systems available today. From command and control to global enterprise installations, Hiperwall software enables clear communications and facilitates critical decision making.

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HamiltonBuhl T-PRO Series

HiperSource Browser

Browser Software

HiperSource Browser software, part of Hiperwall’s HiperSource family, is a powerful tool that makes it easy to show web content at high resolution on a video wall. HiperSource Browser provides an efficient direct connection between web content and the video wall.

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HamiltonBuhl Flex-Phones

Hiperwall Software

Version 6.0

Featuring HiperSource Browser, a powerful built-in browser for displaying multiple web pages and ultra-high resolution content.

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