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Collaboration & Huddle Room

Jabra Speak 750

Speak 750

Ready for your team, ready for Teams

Level up your meetings with Jabra PanaCast and Speak 750.
High quality collaboration requires high quality audio and video, especially in your meeting rooms. With Jabra PanaCast, 180° room coverage ensures everyone in the room is included, while the rich simultaneous audio of the Jabra Speak 750 allows everyone to speak and be heard at the same time.
Jabra PanaCast and Speak 750 integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, for an experience that’s fast, easy and simple from start to finish, enabling you to be more productive.
Jabra products are certified for use with Microsoft Teams, guaranteeing the best experience and allowing your team to have more productive meetings.

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Jabra Speak 750 for UC

SPEAK 750 for Unified Communications

Engineered to power your meetings with seamless, premium audio

Hear and be heard when it matters.
Jabra Speak 750 comes with full duplex audio, allowing you to hold completely natural conversations via speakerphone. With full duplex audio, both sides of the conversation are transmitted at the same time, allowing your conversations to flow just as they do in person. So, you can get on with what’s important, without worrying about whether you’re being heard.

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Jabra PanaCast and Zoom Rooms

Jabra PanaCast and Zoom Rooms

Inclusive meetings. Work better together.

With Panoramic-4K video technology and a full 180° field of view, Jabra PanaCast includes everyone in the conversation. Bring remote team members together and get more done in a seamless Zoom video environment.
Plug-and-play. Be ready in an instant.
Jabra PanaCast integrates seamlessly with any Zoom Rooms solution. Below is everything you need to ensure you get the best huddle room experience.

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Jabra Panacast

Jabra Panacast

Your complete room system solution

Jabra PanaCast has your complete room system solution: • Huddle Room AV options • Huddle Room complete solution • Large Huddle Room complete solution

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Jabra Panacast Battlecard

Jabra PanaCast battlecard

Engineered to be the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution.

IT Decision Maker battlecard:
What is the IT decision maker’s (ITDM) situation? Difficulty driving productivity amongst remote workers and virtual teams while maximizing office space.
Channel battlecard:
What is the channel customers’ situation? Hitting revenue and margin targets.

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PanaCast PanaCast3 Intelligent Video Camera System

PanaCast 3 (PC3PUHD)

Intelligent Video Camera System

The PanaCast 3 is an ultra wide-angle intelligent camera system, delivering a natural 180° view with Panoramic-4K video quality. It is a USB Plug-and-Play device and works with popular collaboration services without requiring the download of extra drivers or integration software. PanaCast is built from a desire to create a VC experience that ensures you never miss a thing.

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