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JOAN Meeting Room Solution


Empower People

Meet JOAN. A simple, easy to use device that helps organize and reserve meeting room space. Save a space for your meeting. See the schedule.

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JOAN Preferred Parner

Partner with JOAN

Become a Preferred Partner

Unproductive meetings cost companies an estimated $37 billion each year. Provide your clients with better meeting management by offering the greenest and most advanced meeting room booking solution on the market.

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JOAN Meeting Room Collection


JOAN Collection

Display room reservations at the meeting room door, book on your computer, smart device or on the spot. Enjoy your workplace. Work better. Do more.

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JOAN Presentation


Presentation Sheet

The perfect sell sheet to provide to your customers to optimize the way they meet.

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JOAN Tech Specs

JOAN Specs

Spec Sheet

View all of JOAN’s technical specifications.

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Joan 13

Joan 13″ / Joan 6″

Room Scheduling System

The number one room scheduling system. Eliminate meeting room confusion.
The most power-efficient meeting room scheduling system in existence. Used by NFL teams, Ivy League universities, non-profits, tech giants, and more.