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Innovative LED Solutions

NanoLumens Nixel Series Outdoor

Nixel Series Rigid


Nixel Series Rigid displays are super slim, lightweight and energy efficient. NanoLumens seamless construction and integration make these displays several steps ahead of the competition.
Heat, wind, rain … NanoLumens® Nixel Series™ outdoor displays stand up to it all! Bring the stunning clarity of indoor LED signage outdoors and take advantage of countless new opportunities to capture your audience with bold images and videos.

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NanoLumens Nixel Series Indoor

Nixel Series Flex


With virtually no limits to its size, shape, and curve specifications alongside optional upgrades like High Bright, Humidity Resistance, and HDR capability, the Nixel Series is the most customizable display line on the market.
Transform any environment into an experience with a NanoLumens® Nixel Series™ display. Digital signage captures attention more effectively than static images and offers countless opportunities for presenting a continuous stream of images, videos, and more.

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NanoLumens ENVISION 135


Corporate Boardroom Solution

Now you can really have it all. No complicated construction or build-outs. No sacrificing brightness, resolution or integration when choosing digital signage.

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NanoLumens Engage Series Indoor

Engage Series


This series is the ideal solution for any area where crisp images and close-up viewing are required, and it’s backed by NanoLumens’ industry-leading, six year warranty.

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NanoLumens Display Interface Unit

NanoLumens DIU

Display Interface Unit

NanoLumens LED displays are designed to work with your content management system, giving you ease of use and peace of mind. The DIU is a 2U 19” mountable chassis.

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NanoLumens 6 Year Warranty


6 Year Warranty

NanoLumens’ six year, Nixel to Pixel Warranty backs your display all the way down to the individual LED pixel.

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NanoLumens Performance Series Outdoor

Performance Series


Performance Series™ outdoor displays are designed to outperform similar models in reliability and quality, at a price point that is accessible to everyone.

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