NEC E Series

The Essentials
With a brilliant panel and simplified controls, the NEC E Series delivers everything you need for captivating digital signage

  • Integrated RS-232C allows for external control of the display
  • High-definition and high contrast ratio displays provide stunning images
  • Built-in tuner allows for high-definition broadcast capabilities
  • Additional energy options include a Power Savings Mode to further reduce energy consumption


The Extras
Delivering more than just the basics, the NEC E Series has integrated features that will leave no head unturned

  • LED backlighting enables eco-friendly digital signage
  • Reduced bezel width creates seamless digital signage
  • Multiple HDMI ports enhance best-in-class connectivity
  • Internal, 10W down-firing stereo speakers enhance the experience with superior sound
  • 3-year warranty protects your investment


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