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Onkyo Speaker Systems

Onkyo SKH-410 Speaker System


Speaker System

Now there’s a convenient and affordable way to unlock the full Dolby Atmos sound experience in your home theater without in-ceiling speakers.

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Onkyo SKS-HT993THX Speaker System


Speaker System

If you’re serious about experiencing THX-certified theater reference surround-sound in your entertainment space, look no further than the SKS-HT993THX package from Onkyo.

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Onkyo SKS-HT870 Speaker System


Speaker System

For maximum audio impact, your multichannel Onkyo receiver should be accompanied by a full-blooded surround-sound speaker set.

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Onkyo SKS-HT690 Speaker System


Speaker System

Introducing an affordable speaker set that will bring a deeper dimension to your movies, games, and music. Comprising a powered subwoofer, two-way front and center speakers, and full-range satellites—all gloss-finished—the SKS-HT690 delivers lifelike surround sound with finesse.

Onkyo SKS-HT540 Speaker System


Speaker System

The missing piece to your home theater puzzle is this 7.1-channel speaker package from Onkyo. The perfect addition to your DVD player and home theater receiver, the SKS-HT540 provides all the speakers you need to enter the all-enveloping world of surround sound.

Onkyo SKW-204 Subwoofer



Impress yourself with the earth-shakingly realistic bass pumped out by this 230W subwoofer. A lot is packed into LFEs (Low Frequency Emissions), which you can find in more and more movies and music these days.

Onkyo SKF-4800 Stereo Speaker


Stereo Speaker

These specially crafted speakers will bring energy and full-spectrum power to your home entertainment. The stylish floor-standing front speakers can be used to complement a stereo system perfectly, or to build up a surround sound system by using these as Front Left and Right channels.

Onkyo D-77NE Stereo Speaker


Stereo Speaker

These come in a set of left and right speakers totaling two. The first D-77 loudspeaker was released in Japan in 1985. It earned cult status for deep, open, and musical performance, and particularly its ability to provide a sense of scale to orchestral and other highly complex musical pieces.