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XS Wireless Digital | An instant connection – Stage & Rehearsa

Shure Microflex® Microphones

Microflex® Microphones

The versatile voice solution.

Speech comes in many forms. Sermons, rallies, keynotes: the list goes on. We’ve captured hearts and minds with our voices since we first learned to speak — limited only by imagination and amplification. Microflex® microphones ensure that what you share will always be heard. There’s no one-size solution for capturing speech. Every venue is as unique as the words that pass within it. Whatever the need, the versatile microphone types and accessories within the Microflex® family let you customize the setup to blanket the audience with pure, clear voice.

Microflex Microphones come in many types and sizes for a variety of uses:
Gooseneck Microphones
Boundary Microphones
Lavaliers & Earsets
Overhead Microphones
Wireless Transmitters

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Shure Microflex® Advance™ Array Microphones

Microflex® Advance™

Array Microphones

Clear. Distinct. Inconspicuous. Make the most of your conferencing space with Microflex® Advance™. Superior function pairs with innovative design, so presenters and participants stay focused on the discussion instead of the equipment. In the ceiling, on a wall, around a display, or on a table. An ideal, “not aware it’s there” solution for first-class AV conferencing environments.

Microflex® Advance™ Array Microphones come in many types and sizes for a variety of uses:
MXA910 + P300-IMX
MXA310 + P300-IMX

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Shure Axient® Digital Digital Wireless Systems

Axient® Digital

Digital Wireless Systems

On the biggest stages in the world, when thousands, even millions are watching, the wireless microphone has an enormous job to do. The audio must be clear. It must be true. It has to glow in the shine of the spotlight. No other system is up to the challenge quite like Axient® Digital.
Complex setups, high channel counts, and constrained spectrum are everyday hurdles for today’s major events and tours. To make sure we could meet the most demanding wireless needs, Axient Digital was developed with input from top audio professionals. Every feature has been stress-tested. Every detail fine-tuned. Designed to maximize stability, quality, control, and scalability, Axient Digital is engineered for the moments that command the highest degree of attention.

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Shure QLX-D systems

QLX-D systems

Digital Wireless Systems

Mid-size venues demand more wireless capability. QLX-D® Digital Wireless is more than ready for the challenge. The robust RF performance lets you step up to an all-around higher class of audio, while protecting the signal at every level. It’s an affordable upgrade and a smart investment in your sound.

QLX-D lets you streamline setup across multiple receivers, and Wireless Workbench® software gives you real-time access, monitoring and control throughout the performance. You can even manage the system from your iOS device for maximum convenience.

Bodypack Transmitter

Handheld Transmitter with SM58 Capsule

Wireless Gooseneck Base Transmitter

Wireless Boundary Microphone Transmitter

Digital Wireless Receiver

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Shure ULX-D systems

ULX-D systems

Digital Wireless Systems

Large conference and convention installations come with unique wireless challenges. A campus-wide solution, ULX-D® Digital Wireless is secure, scalable, and durable. From managing diverse sound sources to protecting RF from smartphones and other stray signals, the intelligent system solves wireless problems of all sizes.

ULX-D pushes wireless audio further. More streamlined. Higher density. Up to 47 systems running simultaneously within 6 MHz. That’s one reason it’s become the standard bearer for installed digital wireless. And you can hear it in crystal clear performances around the world.

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Shure BLX Wireless systems

BLX Wireless systems

Digital Wireless Systems

BLX Wireless systems
When performance is set free from wires, it can go to exciting places. But noise and dropouts can stop it cold. BLX® Wireless makes it simple to get great sound out of a dependable wireless system. And when you can go wireless without worry, you can perform without limits.

BLX Wireless Systems provide professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface. Choose from a wide range of transmitter form factors (handheld, bodypack, headworn, lavalier, instrument clip-on) and use it with single- and dual-channel, as well as rack-mounted receivers.

Wireless Dual Vocal System with two PG58 Handheld Transmitters

Wireless Rack-mount Vocal System with SM58

Wireless Vocal System with PG58

Wireless Headset System with PGA31 Headset

Wireless Rack-mount Presenter System with MX153 Earset Microphone

Wireless Combo System with PG58 Handheld and CVL Lavalier

Wireless Dual Presenter System with two CVL Lavalier Microphones

Wireless Rack-mount Guitar System

Wireless System for Guitarists

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Digital Conference System

In legislatures, international conferences or executive boardrooms, taking on issues of all sizes begins by getting the key delegates to talk and be heard so they can make decisions that affect every citizen. But bringing a variety of voices together can create communication challenges. From a 20-person board meeting to an international conference of thousands, Microflex® Complete keeps the conversation productive.

Designed to keep meetings on course, Microflex Complete provides an efficient, effective experience for leaders and participants alike. Powerful features like voting, agenda, interpretation, and identity verification ensure every talking point generates results. With best-in-class audio, powerful software, and seamless integration, you get a system to match nearly every situation, style, or purpose.

Central Control Unit

Portable Conference Unit

Portable Conference Unit

Flush-Mount Conference Unit

Portable Conference Unit

Flush-Mount Conference Unit

Touchscreen Conference Unit

Modular Interface Unit

Front Plate

Interpreter Console

Dual sided e-paper information display

MXC416 / MXC420 / MXC425
Gooseneck Microphones

MXC416DF / MXC420DF / MXC425DF
Dualflex Gooseneck Microphones

Gooseneck Microphone

CS 6340 FH/FV
Compact flush-mounted channel selector for Shure conference systems

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Shure SCM820


Digital IntelliMix Automatic Mixer

Includes Dante networked audio, maximum 96 channels, compatibility AMX and Crestron, dual mixer, control software to allow configuration of all signals and settings and adds 8-band EQ with high- and low-shelf EQ, and Digital Feedback Reduction.

Designed for use in speech applications including sound reinforcement, broadcasting, and recording, the SCM820 uses IntelliMix® technology to dramatically improve audio quality when many channels of microphones need to operate simultaneously.

Multiple I/O configurations and networking options ensure analog and digital connectivity between devices. Expandable – choose from a variety of combinations.

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