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Much Needed Relief and Liquidity

Stampede understands that cash flow could be constrained during this difficult time. To help support resellers, Stampede is offering resellers a variety of financing options that best suit the reseller and end user.

We're here to help


Additional 30-day extended terms on approved projects. Contact your Stampede Account Manager for more information.


AV as a Service provides your end users with a monthly payment plan while enabling them to upgrade to the most up-to-dated technology in the future.


Stampede is flexible and is happy to help accommodate your evolving needs to get through this difficult time.


AV Equipment as a Service

The smart way to pay for your AV technology solutions

What is Stampede Shield?

AV equipment is becoming a mission-critical technology need for many businesses. But, using large sums of capital to pay to own AV equipment is not the smartest financial decision for many organizations. Technology is ever evolving and advancing. Technology also depreciates at an alarmingly rapid pace. Learn about a financial solution for your end user that will lift the burdens of having to own their technology. Discover Stampede Shield, AV Equipment as a Service. Stampede Shield is the way to pay for AV technology that gives the end user flexibility, control, and peace of mind in a monthly payment.

Benefits to Stampede Shield

AVaaS is a subscription-based payment plan for the end user.

Protect against technology obsolescence and enable end users with the latest and greatest technology.

As a reseller, you receive 100% of the purchase upfront. Receive reoccurring services as you sell them.

End users can upgrade or replace their solution at any point in the term if it no longer meets their needs. No rollover balances. No penalty fees.

Promotes customer loyalty: When the end user's technology is up for renewal, they will automatically stay with you.

Stampede Shield is an automatic sale for years and years to come.

Provide Peace of Mind

Your end users can upgrade and replace their equipment at any time. No rollover balances. No penalty fees. Current Stampede dealers can get started below. Not a dealer? Today is the perfect time to join, give us a call!