Stampede PROAVXchange Marketplace


Much Needed Relief and Liquidity

Recognizing that many resellers’ greatest immediate need is liquidity, Stampede created the PROAVXchange online auction hub where resellers can turn slow moving product into cash that is needed to operate their business. The PROAVXchange provides resellers with an opportunity to sell product for a price that is most likely greater than what a bank would offer.

Stampede PROAVXchange Market

Stampede understands that resellers have excess inventory during this pandemic, and we can help liquidate that inventory.

  • PROAVXchange can help resellers sell their overstock inventory and help other resellers find additional inventory that fit their needs.
  • The PROAVXchange can help a reseller turn under-utilized product into cash that’s needed to continue operating their business.
  • Resellers can “sell and buy” products.
  • All products sold will go through our quality assurance process at the Stampede warehouses.
    • Out-of-the-box inspection process for every product sold/purchased.
  • Payment options to help the reseller’s specific business needs.
    • Credit to your Stampede account.
    • Cash upfront.

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